Interference showing evidence.

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper destructible labels are made from very special thinly layered materials that shatters when interference occurs.

Tampering is the deliberate altering of information on a product, package, or system.

Did you know that attempting to remove a Tamper proof label shows evidence of interference? The seal literally breaks apart leaving parts of the label behind. It is widely used by brand owners as a security measure for labelling products with warranty and guarantees to protect them from fraudulent insurance claims.

Tamper destructible material is made from very special thin materials that shatter when interference occurs. The adhesive on the reverse of the labels is a high grab permanent acrylic material that adheres to most surfaces. These tamper proof properties make it an ideal choice for asset labels, warranty labels, void labels, and security labelling. The photographs above show high-security asset labels for a major corporate customer. The destructible labels are printed and affixed to the equipment or surface. Once the adhesive is set to the surface, it is securely attached to the product. Any attempt to remove the destructible security label, as seen in image two above, breaks up the label into small pieces under your fingernail. This makes removal of the asset label next to impossible and any tampering immediately apparent. To remove the security asset label, you have to pick it all off in small pieces. Often equipment suppliers are unsure whether the piece of equipment has been opened, tampered with or unauthorized repairs have been carried out. This entire situation is solved by a Lucas Tamper Evident Label or a Lucas Tamper Destructible Label placed across the equipment’s seam or door. Let Lucas label and secure your valuable equipment. Companies can save on huge, long-term costs.

Tampering with Hot Foil Safety stickers can cause warranty void. Often safety stickers display safety warning symbols, indicating that the product can be dangerous if not used correctly. Lucas manufactures printed or embossed Hot Foil Stickers with bright finishes that stand out. You can choose your branding colours in metallic for a ‘Property of’ Tamper proof label.

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