Lucas is one of Ireland’s leading signage companies. We design, manufacture and engrave to meet each specific signage specification for application across a broad range of Irish industries.

Our skilled staff design and manufacture bespoke signs ranging from industrial health and safety signs to corporate door signage, school, and university wayfinding signage, flying flags for events or exhibition display to even smaller engraved metal nameplates. Our experienced Graphic designer’s work with you on any type of design while our skilled engravers will ensure your designs are engraved with precision using only the latest engraving technologies.


Graphic display design
Custom Sign Manufacturing
Print & Sign Making
Hanging Signs
Mechanical Engraved Brass
Laser Engraved Stainless Steel
Metal Nameplate Engraving
Indoor Signage
Outdoor Signage
Engraved Safety Signs

Health & Safety Signs

Lucas skilled staff design and manufacture every type of Health & Safety Sign to help you keep compliant with government legislation in the workplace. Our experienced Graphic designer’s work with you on any type of design while a Lucas Sales Advisors can advise on the best cost-effective solution. Do you need help with ordering Health & Safety Signs? Don’t worry a Lucas Sales Advisor is always on hand to guide you through the ordering process and give you the best cost-effective solution for your job at hand.

  • Fire Safety Warnings
  • Banners

    All banners can be customised to suit your request. Our experts are able and willing to assist you quickly and simply with the design.  Do not hesitate to contact us, just send us your requirements and we will do the rest.

  • Glow Signs

    Glow Signs can be called several different names from glow signs, illuminated signs, glow in the dark signs and photoluminescent signs. These glow signs provide a high glow in darkness that can help people to exits or help with safety messages.

  • Sandwich Boards

    Advertise your business without permission through Sandwich Boards. Very effective for advertising on footpaths or walkways to direct people to your business. Tell customers about products on ‘special offer’ or display a sample of the menu that your business offers.


Indoor Signposts
Notice Boards
Poster Frames
Window Graphics
Floor Graphics
Information Panels


3D lettering
Notice Boards
Exhibition Signage
Window Graphics
Fascia Panels
Door Signs

Signposts & Infopanel Signage

Signposts & Information Panel Signage

  • An effective way to direct customers to your business/give information about parking or deliveries.
  • Can be fitted to walls or posts for people to see clearly.

Notice Board Signage

Notice Board Signage

Showcase your business messages.

  • Lets your business advertise meetings or upcoming events that are planned.
  • Great for the public to display and showcase your business messages.

Banner Signage

Showcase your business with Banner Signage.

  • Can be made for internal or external use depending on where you would like to put them.
  • An effective way of advertising your business or for advertising up and coming events or offers.

Poster Frame Signage

Poster Frame Signage, a stylish way of presenting your promotion graphics.

  • Allows your graphics to be stylishly presented.
  • Can be placed on a wall for customers to see.

Window Graphic Signage

Window Graphic Signage, a stylish way of advertising your business to passers-by!

  • Allows your company to advertise deals in-store/ upcoming promotions.
  • A good place to advertise your company name and logo.

Floor Graphic Signage

Floor Graphic Signage, an eye-catching way of advertising your upcoming promotions.

  • Let customers see products or promotions as they walk over floor graphics.
  • Can be placed around shop floors to inform customers of products or events coming up.

Lightbox Signage

Lightbox Signage, a way to make your advertising stand out day and night.

  • Highly effective for advertising your products in even the poorest of lighting conditions.
  • Highlight your advertisement or brand above the rest.

3D Letter Signage

3D Letter Signage displays your company in 3D forms.

  • Makes your business look classy and professional.
  • Can be made from several different durable materials.

Door Signage

Door Signage

  • Come in different forms, all depending on what you would like to say on it.
  • Nameplates or company plaques are the main Door Signage that customers go for.


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