Roll-Form Pipe Markers are pipe markers on a roll consisting of bold text, legends or symbols printed to identify pipe contents at a glance. Lucas Roll-Form Pipe Markers are supplied in 10-meters of roll length. Legends are printed in different directions to improve legibility on the marking around the pipe. This ensures maximum visibility from all sides.

The Roll-Form Pipe Markers are a straightforward method of marking pipes. Rolled around the surface, they have excellent adhesion to piping. These pipe markers require a clean and dry surface for application and pipe preparation is required. Lucas Roll-Form Pipe Markers are also UV, chemical, abrasion, and moisture resistant with approximately five to seven years durability.


  • Identify flow direction/content.
  • Suitable for hot/cold pipes.
  • Variety of sizes & colours.
  • Quick, easy & cost-effective.


OD mm OD Inches Text Height mm Minimum Label Size
19 – 32 0.5 – 1″ 13 250 x 30
38 – 51 1.5 – 2″ 19 250 x 40
64 – 152 2.5 – 6″ 32 350 x 57
203 – 254 8 – 10″ 64 710 x 97
254+ 12″ and above 89 750 x 147

Wrap Around Pipe Markers


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