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Memorials of the Easter Rising

Laser engraved stainless steel plaque historical replicas

Easter Rising Commemorative Plaques

Lucas Products and Services team have designed, replicated and manufactured Commemorative Plaques dedicated to individuals, building and events associated with the Easter Rising.

Laser engraved stainless steel memorial piece in memory of 4th Battalion, South Mayo Brigade, Old I.R.A
Engraved Memorial Plaque Easter Week 1916 for the Irish Volunteers, Cork City Battalion under arms on Easter Sunday
Memorial Plaque indicating newly planted trees to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising


Lucas design and manufacture large commemorative pieces or smaller plaques to your exact specifications or drawings for indoor or outdoor that require weather resistant properties.


Commemorative Plaques

Easter Rising Memorial Plaque

Laser engraved stainless steel plaque

Lucas artisans replicated major monuments, memorials and plaques from the Easter Rising as commemorative pieces for various clients around the country. We used the latest engraving technologies onto 316 stainless steel producing the highest quality possible.


  • Replication of originals
  • Digital drawings
  • Laser engraving
  • Mechanically engraving
  • Black paint fill

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