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Engraved Aluminium Plaque

Mechanically Engraved Black Anodised Aluminium Square Plaque with black paint fill for use in an art gallery.
Beautiful subtle Black Anodised Aluminum Plaque with black paint fill used to indicate artwork at large art exhibition.

Aluminium Nameplates and Plaques

Lucas Products and Services laser engrave and mechanically engrave anodised aluminium in range of colours.  Anodised Aluminium is versatile, very strong and extremely durable. It is very light material and the surface has a slight metallic shine especially in the blue colour. The process used in manufacturing this material is called Anodisation where the aluminium is prepared in chemical baths and receives an electrical charge that increases its thickness and hardens the surface.

Lucas Anodised Aluminium Plates are a popular choice due the longevity of the tough material that will hold its lustre and because of it’s attractive cosmetic value. We can offer you a range of colour combinations in engraved anodised aluminium from red, blue and black with white engraving or gold and silver, matt or brush polish finish with black engraving. We can also paint fill the engraving with any colour of your choice and matching brand colours exactly. Our skilled artisans mechanically engrave each piece for a broad spectrum of applications. Tags, Labels, Plaques to suit your needs. If paint fill is not applied on the black, silver and red aluminium, when mechanically engraved will reveal a white silver like colour. We can also use any colour as paint fill.

For more information on engraved Anodised Aluminium products call one of our Lucas Sales Advisors at 021 437 4480

Art Gallery Exhibition Plaque

Engraved Aluminum Plaque

The product above, manufactured at Lucas Products and Services is a beautiful subtle plaque design for a large art exhibition which was placed underneath each art piece in the art gallery. Lucas engraver’s mechanically engraved the design onto Black Anodised Aluminium and then filled with permanent black paint to achieve a subtle and classical look. The piece was also cut to suit clients requirements.


  • Cut to size
  • Mechanical engraving
  • Paint fill
  • Clean

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