Machine Warning Labels


Let Lucas handle all your labelling jobs and advise you on the best possible and cost-effective labelling solution for your company. We design to your exact specifications, manufacturing high-quality labels right here in our own factory.

Our highly trained designers, artisans and technicians design and manufacture a wide range of labels for a wide spectrum of industries on a daily basis. We are experts in industrial labelling which often requires labels resistant to extreme environments. We laser engrave, chemical etching metals. Lucas Sales Advisors advise you on labelling solutions for the job at hand and guide you through every step of large scale projects. It’s second nature to us. Our highly trained skilled workforce ranges from not only lifetime experienced engravers in our production team but also Lucas Sales Advisors are regularly out on site finding the best possible and cost-effective solution for you.

Our engravers use high end laser engraving technologies to permanently mark stainless steel, brass, bronze or anodised aluminium. We can laser engrave the most intricate detail.

We have the most sophisticated mechanical engraving machines here at Lucas. Mechanical engraving differs from laser engraving in that is cuts deeper into the metal producing a groove which can then be in-filled with colour paint of your choice.

Chemical etching requires an electronic voltage charge to metals in order to make a permanent marking on irregular or bespoke pieces of metal.

Lucas can print onto any material with any range of colours such as asset labels, foil labels, tamper proof labels, evident proof and others.

Engraved Labels

Lucas artisans permanently mark, etch, laser-engrave, mechanically-engrave, electro-chemically engrave a wide range of materials, including Stainless Steel, Brass, Anodised Aluminium and Traffolyte Plastic. Lucas handles large labelling projects for use in industrial plants indicating Electrical Safety Labels, Machine Labels, Piping and Identification Labels, Health & Safety Labels, Warning Labels, Caution Labels, and labels that display vital information to keep workers safe on site. We provide products and services for the following sectors: Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Legal Professions, Hospitality Industry, Commercial, and Bespoke personal design.

Mechanically Engraved Bronze Nameplate

Asset Labels

Asset Labels

We produce custom made Asset Labels and Tags using the best materials for the required application. From the smallest individual item to large scale products, we can provide the right type of Asset Label to suit your needs.

Foil Asset Labels

Lucas Foil Asset Labels are remarkably durable and a popular choice for asset labelling due to their legibility and high visibility, mostly due to their Tamper-Evident features making them destructible labels. These labels resist cleaning solvents, scuffing, high temperatures and most chemicals. Lucas Foil Asset Labels help control, track, and identify your company products.

Tamper-Evident Polyester Asset Labels

Lucas supply Tamper-Evident Polyester Asset Labels that leave the word ‘VOID’ on the surface in the attempt of label removal. These labels identify if a product has been tampered with, thus breaking the warranty of the product.

Polyester Asset Labels

Our Polyester Assets Labels manufactured at Lucas are suitable for exposure to ONLY normal office conditions. The labels contain an over-laminate for protection that stops damage to the image from chemicals and accidental scuffing.



Destructible Vinyl Asset Labels

Lucas Products and Services Destructible Vinyl Asset labels are virtually impossible to remove. They have a low to moderate resistance to heat, scuffing and chemicals. These labels are mainly used indoors when a product needs high security levels and will break into tiny pieces in an attempt of removal.


Bespoke Labels

Bespoke Labels

We are Ireland’s leading provider of bespoke industrial and commercial labels. We produce labels for any purpose, some of which are capable of enduring the harshest of environments. We create Bespoke Labels for a wide range of applications, from labelling small wires to creating large scale labels for use in extreme environments. Using your company logo, we can create branded labels, or add barcodes and serial numbering if required. We produce all our labels using the best materials for the application.



Are you looking for stickers to promote your business, to identify products, or prevent personal injury?

  • Gloss Paper
  • Matte Paper
  • Fluorescent Paper
  • Foil Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Polyester
  • Magnetic Paper

Chemical Stickers

Chemical Stickers advise that the product may be harmful.

Anniversary & Company Branding Stickers

Anniversary Stickers

Anniversary Stickers

Stickers can be made for special occasions like the anniversary of your company, to promote your company or company products. Stickers can be an effective way of advertising your company. All stickers can be made for internal or external use depending on your individual requirements.




Barcode Stickers

Make products machine-readable to easily manage, order, or identify slow selling items

Security Stickers

Security Stickers are tamper proof and securely protect all your products





Decals, mainly advertising company branding, stick to a variety of internal and external surfaces. Decals can be printed in reverse, internally placed, yet externally viewed (i.e. car windscreens).

Vinyl, Polyester, ultra-destructible, Security void, Silver foil, Lexane, Domed, Static cling, Magnetic paper, Clear and Frosted glass.

Lucas design and manufacture advertising decals for application on company vehicles. They are also used for decorative purposes on shop front windows. Decals are often used to indicate safety information on machinery and products and increase security on products being shipped.


Vinyl Decals
These high-quality Decals can be used both internally and externally, printed in one or in full colour and are waterproof.
Polyester Decals
These Decals are also waterproof and resistant to alkaline oils and moisture. Polyester Decals are extremely durable.
Ultra-Destructible Decals
Ideal for security or tamper-evident purposes these Decals once applied to a surface can’t be removed easily. It will chip rather than peel off easily showing tampering evidence.
Security Void Decals
Shows if a product has been tampered with, and can leave a hidden void message as it fractures or cracks to show product tamper evidence.
Silver Foil Decals
Stands up well to hot and cold surfaces and has a sharp reflective finish. Can be used for reflective logos or holographic images.

Lexane Decals
These can be used on any type of industrial equipment, scratch-proof, abrasive and mechanically protected.

Domed Decals
Domed types give a glassy 3D eye-catching look to branding and logos. They are made from polyurethane three-dimensional doming materials.

Static Cling Decals
These particular Decal types do not leave marks or adhesive residue after removal from a glass surface.

Magnetic Paper Decals
Applied and easily removed from metals. Ideal for company vehicle application and also for stock that frequently changes where the label would need re-positioning.

Clear & Frosted Glass Decals
Transparent Decals, often used on doors or windows, help prevent injury from a collision. It appears similar to etched glass at a fraction of the cost. It is applied inside the window allowing you to view out but not allowing the person on the outside to see in.


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