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Cable Markers primary function is cable identification. Cable identification is a vital part of any facilities or buildings cable infrastructure. At all costs, the markings on Wire and Cable Markers need to remain legible despite any extreme conditions it must endure. This reduces costs during installation, maintenance, cable terminations, acceptance testing and faulty line correction. The better the cable marking practice, the less time it takes to identify cables and complete the job.



Cable Markers or Cable Tags are often required to meet certain standards depending on the specific job requirements. Electrical Cable Markers, for instance, may require resistance to UV, oxidation, hydrolysis, and rodent damage. Whereas, some wire markers or cable tags may need to be removed or re-positioned quickly, saving electricians a lot of time and money. Wires and cables need quick identification, so if a cable tag has rotated around the back of the wire, it can be turned around quickly and identified. Electricians organising complex wiring infrastructures secure cable markers or tags to cables using cable ties or self-adhesive backing. Heat Tube sleeves wrap wires and shrink to the wire’s diameter with a heat gun. But it’s the marking methods of each cable that is vital to the success of any large or complicated wiring insulation.


Cable Identification marking standards can potentially decrease maintenance costs, prevent potential hazards and even in some cases, saves lives. More than that, cable wiring often requires rewiring, if cables do not display the correct voltage information; for instance, this can not only become costly but also extremely dangerous. Cable Marking also helps to organise the cables by separation. Wires get twisted and tangled often causing confusion, but if each wire is marked with a tag, it becomes easy to rotate the tag to identify its source. Good quality cable tags ensure less time is wasted when tracing cable faults.

Lucas Products and Services supply a wider range of different cable markers and cable tags to a wide spectrum of industries. Construction, electrical engineering, petrochemical, power stations, mining, shipbuilding, offshore oil & gas, and many more, rely on Lucas for their cable identification needs. Our stainless-steel Cable Markers are the ultimate solutions when installing cables in extreme conditions and hazardous areas. They are made from grade 316 stainless-steel, and they are weatherproof, UV- resistance, fire-proof, heat-resistant, radiation-resistant, chemical resistant, and have low-temperature flexibility. We use laser engraving technology to permanently mark your data onto Cable Markers. For certain cables and wires, Lucas supply Heat Shrink Tubes, which shrinks to any cables diameter using a heat gun. More commonly, Lucas Non-Shrink Tubes slide over wires without heating and shrinking, which allows for quick removal or change when necessary. Whatever your cable identification requirements, you can count on Lucas Products and Services to meet your needs.

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