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Stainless Steel Nameplates

CE Marking Nameplates Rating Nameplates, Fire Door Nameplates, Office Nameplates, Parking Plates..


Customise Lucas stainless steel round nameplates with your own text, images or even QR codes to create your own products. Suitable for a wide range of applications from Industrial CE Nameplates, door signs, numbered door locker plates to small product branding solutions.

Engraved Brass Tags

Engraved Brass Tags used for on-site identification, valve tags, asset identification tags, numbered brass tags or equipment tags or custom product tags...


Brass is often mechanically engraved, creating a deep groove in the metal that can then be filled with any colour paint. Here at Lucas, we can match any colour to your exact specifications. We can help you customise brass to suit your needs and create the product you need.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE Stainless Steel Strap-On Pipe Markers durable in extreme environments.


Lucas manufactures a wide range of pipe marker label styles. We pride ourselves on our high-end stainless steel Strap-On Pipe Markers which are secured to pipes with either stainless steel cable ties or wire. Check out which pipe label suits your job at hand.

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  • We have been using Lucas for the last two years and I can honestly say that between the service department and the sales department we have been 100% satisfied, every order is delivered on time, cost effectively and accurately, we have and will continue to recommend them to clients in the future, a great company and service with a smile.

    Peter Kearney

    Senior Atex Inspector, ATEX Verification Services Ltd. - 03/05/2016

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