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  • Engraved Aluminium Plaque

    Engraved Aluminium Plaque

    Mechanically Engraved Anodised Aluminum Plaque for Art Gallery...

  • Customised stickers


    Lucas Pipemarkers, acid warning, caution and assets stickers...

  • Mechanically Engraved Brass Nameplate

    Mechanically Engraved Brass

    Traditional Brass Nameplates, plaques & memorial pieces…...

  • Wrap Around Pipe Markers

    Pipe Markers

    Wrap-Arounds, Snap-Ons, Tie-On-Tags, Write-On-Cards, Roll-Form, Banding-Tapes, Pipe Stencils, Arrows-On-A-Roll......

  • RMS Lusitania Underwater memorial plaque



  • Visual Management Board

    Visual Management Boards

    Lucas customise Visual Management Boards...

  • electrical-safety-labels-header

    Electrical Safety Labels

    Health and safety Labels, Danger Labels, Caution Labels, Warning Labels...

  • Engraved Traffolyte Plastic

    Engraved Traffolyte Plastic

    Choose from 11 colour combinations cost effective material used in industrial labelling...

  • Feature-signage-sampleCards

    Traffolyte Panel

    Bespoke Traffolyte Plastic Board with 2 cardholders to hold 2 traffolyte plastic...

  • 5.8

    Electro-Chemical Etching

    Chemically Etched Stainless Steel ...

  • Asset Tamper Evident

    Tamper Proof Labels


  • Stencil for Signage Branding

    Stencil for Signage Branding

    Stencil cut out of the Finbarra Logo trademark to be used...

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    Tamper Proof Labels

    Tamper destructible labels are made from very special thinly layered materials that shatters when interference...

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  • Engraved Stainless Steel
    Industrial Tags & Labels

    Stainless Steel Tags  permanently marked and used as Asset Tags, Equipment Tags, Inventory Tags, Valve...

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  • Outdoor & indoor nameplates

    Your Company Nameplate might not have feelings but it has plenty of personality! . ....

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  • RCC Label
  • Allen Guard Label


  • We have been using Lucas for the last two years and I can honestly say that between the service department and the sales department we have been 100% satisfied, every order is delivered on time, cost effectively and accurately, we have and will continue to recommend them to clients in the future, a great company and service with a smile.

    Peter Kearney

    Senior Atex Inspector, ATEX Verification Services Ltd. - 03/05/2016